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Frequently Asked

What do I need to bring to my class?

Bring a mannequin and mannequin stand or tripod for hands-on practice for certification classes (I have a few on hand if needed). Secure a model if you choose to have a live model (only needed for second portion of the class). We also recommend bringing a pad and pen for note taking, as well as your clips and combs. If your kit was shipped to you, bring your kit to the class. 


What if I am unable to attend my class?

Contact Katie as soon as possible (must be prior to the actual class date) to determine another in person class date (if possible) or schedule a virtual class date.


Can I get a refund on a class that I cannot attend?

We currently do not offer refunds; however we will do our best to reschedule for another in person class or alternatively, a virtual class. 


How long is the class?

Certification classes are approximately 5 hours in length.


Do you offer payment options?

We require a non-refundable $200 deposit to reserve your class (or you can pay in full if so inclined). We also currently offer afterpay as a payment option.


What can I expect in class?

For certification classes:

Hour 1 - Introduction, Consultation, Color Matching

Hour 2/3 - Demos & Hands On Practice

Hour 4/5 - Maintenance, Cutting & Blending, Pricing, Policies, Marketing & Troubleshooting

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